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DownEast Laser Service, Inc. is a family-owned and operated Maine corporation offering a full range of printer products and services. We carry premium quality compatible laser toner and inkjet cartridges, copier toner, and postage meter supplies. We sell both new and refurbished laser printers, color laser printers and multifunction printers. We have an experienced laser printer repair department to provide everything from toll-free telephone support to full printer rebuilds.

If you are unfamiliar with Maine lingo, you may be wondering about the strange term “DownEast,” and how it relates to us. It is actually an old nautical term dating back to the days when trading ships left Boston for ports along the Maine coast, sailing downwind and to the east, or “Down East.” In 1991, DownEast Laser Service, Inc. started in a tiny work shop in the beautiful coastal village of Winter Harbor, Maine

It is located just south of another picturesque community, Lubec, Maine, which happens to be the eastern most town in the continental United States. Over the years, we have expanded our products and services to meet the needs of clients across the entire state, from Caribou to Kittery. We are excited to expand our horizons and provide the same level of customer services to new clients outside of Maine.

What makes DownEast Laser Service different from big box stores and generic discount online retailers?

We begin with you and your unique printing needs, budget requirements and work environment. You do not need to sign a complicated maintenance agreement to get service assistance from us. You do not need to order set quantities of supplies that you may not want or need. We feel it is our job to work with you to provide printing solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

We Care About Quality

We know that an incredibly cheap toner cartridge that produces incredibly bad (or in Maine lingo, “Wicked Bad”) output is no bargain! We aim to provide consistent savings and consistent results by using only the highest quality toner and precision engineered replacement parts.

Likewise, we will not use poor quality parts in our refurbished printers. We select only gently used, low page count printers that we know will provide dependable service. We warranty all of our products and refuse to sell any printer or cartridge we would not be willing to use in our own office.

What can we help you with today?

For the past 22 years, we have been proud of our ability to meet the unique needs of individual clients. Whether you work in an independent home office or a large corporate environment, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and assist you with your printing needs.