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DownEast Laser Service, Inc. of Bangor, Maine sells both new and refurbished laser printers, color laser printers and multifunction (print, copy, scan, fax) printers. We work directly with you to determine the laser printer model to best meet your printing needs and budget.

With over 20 years experience, and a reputation for value and dependability throughout Maine and beyond, we provide printing solutions for corporate environments, small office settings and independent home offices.

What’s different about DownEast Laser Service?

We start with you, and your printing needs. If you’re tired of squeezing your printing dollars into the arbitrary pricing structures imposed by other companies, contact us for a free, no pressure consultation about printing options tailored specifically to you. We can help you assess your current printing capacity and discuss affordable strategies to maximize your printing budget.

What is a refurbished laser printer?

At DownEast Laser Service, Inc., our experienced technicians evaluate and select gently used, low page count laser printers, color laser printers and multifunction printers for our comprehensive rebuilding process. Following an initial testing procedure, each printer is completely cleaned, lubed and adjusted. Major wear parts and components are replaced.

Finally, a rigorous post test is performed to ensure that each printer meets our quality standards. Consider the advantages of purchasing a refurbished laser printer, color laser printer or multifunction printer with a reliable DownEast Laser Service Warranty. Get more printer for your money. High-quality, dependable refurbished printers bring expensive features into your price range.

Consider These Options:

  • Upgrade your standard laser printer to a newer model with improved features like faster processing, larger paper capacity or the ability to duplex print (print on both sides of the paper automatically).
  • Ditch your expensive copier lease for a convenient, budget friendly multifunction printer.
  • Add the ability to print in color and save money on outsourcing brochures, business cards and promotional materials.
  • Reduce the number of office machines cluttering your work environment. Fax, scan, copy and print with an affordable multifunction printer.
  • Upgrade from slow inkjet printers with expensive low volume cartridges to a high speed laser printer with low cost per page high yield toner cartridges.
  • Maintain the printer fleet you currently have. If you are happy with the installed printers you presently own, we can provide additional units of the same model keeping your supply and maintenance costs consistent.
  • Lower your carbon footprint. By purchasing a refurbished laser printer from DownEast Laser Service, Inc., you are reducing the amount of industrial waste going into landfills and conserving the resources required to manufacture a new printer. Take this initiative a step further by using our compatible toner cartridges to promote additional cost savings and recycling.

Printer Accessories & Upgrades Available

We offer a wide selection of optional components that can increase the performance and productivity of your laser printer. Contact DownEast Laser Service Inc., of Bangor, Maine to inquire about availability of the following items for your laser printer model:

  • Envelope Feeders
  • Duplexers
  • High Capacity Paper Trays
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Ethernet Cards